About AnagraMelodies


An AnagraMelody is a musical puzzle. It is normally presented as a score (a musical staff notation containing notes) together with a title and subtitle that contain one or more hints or clues to help solve the puzzle.

More Detail

An AnagraMelody is a portmanteau of Anagram and Melody. It consists of a sequence of notes (a melody or tune) – that may or may not be tuneful to human ears – that allows a block of text (a phrase or sentence or even one or more paragraphs) to be converted into an anagram of itself, according to some reasonably straightforward rules.

AnagraMelodies employ a technology derived from a novel encryption mechanism called MRF that was first formally registered for copyright in February 2006. MRF has been in development ever since, and AnagraMelodies are the result of a spin-off from that technology.

In its simplest form an AnagraMelody is quite straightforward to solve, and there are further forms that are more complex and require more effort. Some worked examples are given on this site to get you started.

This is a small taste of things to come (see posts elsewhere on how the various puzzles may be solved):

A Sample AnagraMelody

A Sample AnagraMelody


I am indebted to the developers of LilyPond engraving software for making it relatively easy for me to generate PDFs of AnagraMelodies (using programmatically-created .ly files) that are then snapshot and converted into .jpg files for use on sites such as this blog.

I am also indebted to our friend and attorney Stu for invaluable feedback and advice, not just today but over the more than twenty years that we’ve known each other.

In a way I’m also indebted to Sir Edward Elgar for the still-secret cryptic note he wrote to the former Miss Dora Penny in July 1897.  In the course of trying to imagine ways in which he could have encrypted his message I came up with the idea of MRF and it’s kept me enthralled since 2002.